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About Link Analyzer

The popular Seo tool site Seo Gape provide the number of a tool for their users who do the on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The best Online Link Analyzer is offered by the site to check the details of your website. It is used to analyze your site and test all links that are directly connected to your site. It is used to analyze all types of backlinks on your site and provide the complete accurate results.

Types Of Backlinks

1-    Internal Backlinks

                                The internal links are useful to reduce the clicks when you need to access the web page. It allows you to use their crawl budgets with more efficiently. It also allows you to use the rich anchor text of a keyword in your content. The internal links increase the rank of your web page, and it provides the content to the users who read your website. It makes the interest in the page for the user so they stay on your page for a long time. The internal linking is not complicated method when you post new content on your blog or web page it will take few moments to show for the readers.

2-    External Backlinks

                                 The external links which are related to irrelevant sites. It should be minimized, and it is considered as a vote by the Google Search Engine from your web page to the external backlink and it would be taken out from your Search Engine Optimization. You need to add No Follow tags to the link if you link your website with the external link.

Importance Of Link Analyzer

It is best Free Seo Tool for analysis your website it gives the complete information about the inbound and outbound links that are linked to your web page. It also compares your site backlinks with competitors sites links. The Free Link Analyzer tool measure the rank of your site and also measured the different factors in online business and estimate the exchange rate of readers on your blog or site. It is the best tool for the webmasters who need to get all detailed information about their sites weekly or daily. It is an online and free tool that available all the time you can use this tool when you want to get information about your website. 

How To Use Link Analyzer Tool

The usage of this Seo tool is very straightforward and easy you just enter the URL of your site and after that press the submit button. You get the results in few seconds this tool provide the complete information of your site in the form of a table. It tells the details about internal and external links. It also contains the anchor text of the keyword and if the hyperlink images are shown on the web page, then it also appears in the table as anchor text. The Link Analyzer Tool make easy to avoid or remove the dead links on your site and also all that type of links that show the 404 error. It makes the quality of your site and your website get the high page rank in the search engine.

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