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About PageRank Checker

One of the best Seo Gape tools is Google Page Rank Checker which is used to determine the quality of pages. This metric is developed by the Larry Page and Sergey Bin. The pages which have high page rank it shows at the top of the search. This tool evaluates the page rank from 0 to 10. It measures the pages according to the number of backlinks and it also considers the quality of backlinks. The backlinks which have high quality its page rank also high in the search results. If you need to increase the rank of your web page then it is the best tool to measure the exact rank of the page.

Importance Of Page Rank Checker Tool

The measurement of the web page is very necessary because due to the page rank you can check your performance. In the Search Engine Optimization, you do efforts for your site and do the off-page optimization, on-page optimization, marketing and online advertising to check all these work results you will check the page rank by using this Free Seo Tool. With this tool you can measure the rank of your blog and as well as the rank of your website. If you give the quality backlinks to your site or blog then the rank of your web page will be high and this high-rank show there is a bright chance that your web page reaches the top position in Google search engine. This Page Rank Checker tool also helpful to evaluate that used website is good or not it informs you about that your decision was right or not and it also the time-saving tool you can analyze the rank of your page in few minutes. 

How To Use Page Rank Checker Tool

To check the rank of a web page or domain use this tool it is very easy and simple to use. Just enter the URL of web page in the that appear on the site after entering the link of the domain do the image verification write the correct words that appear in the box after that just press Get Page Rank button and get the results.

Increase Your Page Rank

In past, there was a great value of page rank but now it is no more the main consideration for the rank of a domain in the search engine but with the increase the rank of your page the position of your website improve quickly. If you buy the backlink from the other site this Page Rank Checker is also useful because you can check the quality of the site that backlink you will purchase so it also saves your money. You can check up to 100 URLs at the same time it provides the results of multiple URLs at a time. By using this tool, you can increase the page rank of your website by getting the quality backlinks and check that site page rank by using this tool. Post the unique and quality content on your web page or blog and submit your web page with to article directories and the web.