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About Class C Ip Checker

The SEO Gape provide the best SEO tool for checking the IP address of website is same or not. To check the IP address, use the Class C IP Checker tool if there are two or more IP address is found then it will block the artificial IP address. This tool is also very useful to detect the illegal activity perform by the IP address it also shows the spam activities if the IP address involves in it. The illegal activities are very dangerous for the website if your web address involves any spam activity then your site will go down and the quality of the website will become low.

Benefits Of Class C IP Checker Tool

This Free SEO Tool also plays the role as antivirus for your website because some spam activity affects your computer and it hangs the system which becomes a disaster. For the protection of your website and the system use the Class C IP Checker tool and keep safe your site. It is used to check there is any duplicate IP address use in the site or not. It is an online tool you can use it anytime and it is very useful SEO tool because is not only detect the Duplicate IP address but it also measures the speed of the website. It shows some other information related to the IP address and generates the accurate results. Some tools involve the risk to damage the original IP address but in our tool, there is no risk to lost your IP address.

Easy Method To Use This SEO Tool

Every professional web developer wants to keep aware of with the performance of the web page and also keep safe their site from the spam activities. If you want to check your website performance, then you can use this SEO tool regularly. It is used to find that whether the Class C IP is linked with the more than different domains or not. The method to use Class C IP Checker tool is very easy you just enter the website complete URL in the box then verify the image that is required to check you are not a robot and then press the Submit button.  It provides the complete and accurate report in just a few seconds. There are many tools take few minutes to provide the results but our tool generates the report in couples of seconds.

How Its Works

It is an essential tool in the optimization of the website if your website involves with any spam activity then it affects the ranking of the web page and you cannot easily rank your site at the top page of the Google search engine. If you use the shared hosting, then your IP address is used some other domains if these domains use some illegal content on the site then it will also affect your site badly. It is necessary that you should be aware of that where your IP address is connected. If you want to check in bulk, then don’t be panic our Class C IP Checker tool provide to the opportunity that you can check the domain in bulk at a time.